Here Is Why Most E-commerce Sites Fail & Will NEVER Make Good Sales

E-commerce stores spend thousands into Facebook ads, template design, and social media marketing. But fail to focus on the e-commerce UX.

Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, once said, “UX is everything. It always has been, but it’s undervalued and underinvested in.”

It's a huge problem, as it affects your website visitors and your revenue(Yep, you heard it). If you're not optimizing your UX, know that your competitors are. You're continually thinking to bring traffic to your online store without optimizing your e-commerce UX.

What is UX?

Most of the time people think UX is something related to the design. But it's not, UX is much more than the UI/design. It is about the experience the user has when visiting your website or app.

Why should you care about UX?

Because by applying UX to your site you can measure how easy and enjoyable it is for visitors to navigate your website or app, find what they’re looking for, and the obstacles visitors face while buying your products.

Lousy user experience will result in the visitor leaving your site. And remember visitors is not just leaving your website or app, he's going with a negative feeling about your brand. This is where you start seeing a considerable conversion drop.

Most of my clients tell me that they are getting 1000+ visitors a day but 0 sales. But after reviewing, I found that all those conversions were lost due to silly UX mistakes.

Studies have shown that around 77% of your visitors will leave after only seeing your homepage if it is not designed and structured by following standard UX guidelines.

It’s important to understand that positive user experience is not just a design, but a process of guiding users to fulfil their needs. For example

Does your website or app loads quickly?

  1. Is your product easy to navigate?
  2. Is the CTA button convert the user to purchase the product?
  3. Is the site is responsive and performs the same way across all the devices?
  4. Is the visual design is logical for users to understand it quickly?
  5. Is the copy simple, precise and clear?
  6. Have unnecessary steps been removed?
  7. Is your product meets updated w3c guidelines?
  8. Is your SEO implementation correct?

The list could go on infinitely. There are so many points and elements that affect how easy and enjoyable your product is to your visitors.

How to fix your Site/app/product UX?

The best way to spot and fix user experience issues is by hiring a user experience expert. A UX expert will review your product to provide you detailed solutions to fix the site.

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