Hey, I'm Mangesh.

I’m a designer working with startups to create great products & brands.

What i do?

As a product designer, I help entrepreneurs and startups with product design, product strategy, design sprints, and conversion optimization. My work is designed to drive key metrics in the product like growth or revenue.

As a result, I have broad expertise in product analytics, early stage experimentation, and design thinking. Previously, I was the chief product officer at Airpush Inc. leading not only the product but also design, innovation, research, product analytics, and growth.
Contact me and let's start working together on an awesome project.

Companies i have worked with

Recent work

Product design, Branding, UX
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Landing page re-design, Conversion optimisation
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Mobixu Inc.
Product design, Design system, Branding
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Airpush Inc.
Chief product officer, Product design, UI/UX, Product Strategy
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